We Buy Guns

We pay cash for guns in good condition that we believe have decent resale value.  Remember, when selling a gun to us we will pay cash on the spot.

Do not expect that we will pay what you see the gun listed for online at gun auction sites or for sale on Craigslist.  Remember, when we resell it we have to make a profit.  The margins on guns on Gunbroker and the like are not huge.  That’s why sellers charge shipping way over their cost.

Here is the bottom line.  We need to sell at a profit.  We pay cash up front, no haggling, people asking if you want to trade something for it, or pawn shops offering you next to nothing because they have rent and electricity bills to pay.  We get a gun we can resell, you get cash quick.

Contact us with gun info and photos at 254-291-5807 or email at ofmintz@gmail.com.