If you still want to buy online through GunBroker or a similar online retailer before talking to us, even though we can usually beat online auctions sites, we are happy to help with the lowest rates around.

We are listed as a verified transfer agent on many leading gun sales and auction sites such as GunBroker, Bud’s Gun Shop, Palmetto State Armory, and many others.

Transfer Fees

Single Transfer of Rifle or Handgun–$25

Multiple Transfers (no limit on quantity)–$50

Military (Active, Reserve, Retired), Law Enforcement, First Responder–$20 single, $30 Multiple

Please have your Seller contact us at to get our FFL information.

When coming to pick up your gun please bring the following documentation:

All:  Texas CHL or LTC , if you have one; drivers license from any state

Military:  Military ID, copy of your PCS orders assigning you to a military installation in Texas

If you are a green card holder or otherwise not a US citizen please call us in advance.  We can get it done, law permitting, and it is easier to discuss before you have the gun shipped.