How We Beat GunBroker

How we can save you over Gunbroker—Sellers on Gunbroker sell what the wholesalers have on sale.  They add $25-$35 on shipping, then you have to pay a transfer fee of $27-$35 when it gets to your FFL.  So, if you buy a small $300 gun your actual cost is $352, best case (assuming cheapest shipping, no taxes, and cheapest transfer fee).  I buy that same $300 gun from the wholesaler, after actual shipping and fees my cost is about $310.  I add 10% to cover my costs and stay in good standing with the ATF.  Your cost is $340, $12 saved.  That number multiplies the more expensive the gun gets, and the more expensive guns tend to bid way up above the seller’s cost, yet they still overcharge on shipping and you still have to pay a transfer fee.  I just cover my costs, plus a small margin as it costs time and money to keep an FFL.

If you are looking for something specific email me the specs and I can apply the same process.