FMK AR1 eXtreme Polymer Lower

The AR1 eXtreme lower is made from an impact resistant polymer blend selected specifically for the construction of firearms.

The magazine well is emblazoned with the quote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants–Thomas Jefferson”

Not only is the AR1 eXtreme lower perfect for most rifles, but it is also ideal for lightweight builds thanks to it weighing in at a scant 4.3 ounces.

  • Compatible with most current AR15 lower parts kits, grips and stocks
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • High Impact Proprietary Composite Polymer Frame
  • Multi-Caliber
  • Mil-Spec
  • Overall Weight 4.3oz
  • 100% USA Made
  • Matte Black

Price: $50 plus tax

Standard shipping costs.  Must ship to an FFL.